Kosta Boda

Kjell Engman
Kjell Engman is from a family of musicians and he also has a background as a professional rock musician, mainly as a guitarist. His musical legacy emerges in his glass art, not only through his familiar glass instruments, but also in the musical, dancing feel and joie de vivre radiated by many of his objects and figures. Engman also works with music in the worlds he creates in his installations, for which he composes soundtracks that are part of the overall experience.

Pawel Borowski
Glass artist
Head of the Studio Borowski ManufactoryAs a versatile glass artist and head of the glass studio, Pawel Borowski is largely responsible for the development of art objects, as well as for the design of the studio line and outdoor objects collections. He regularly creates unique masterpieces. His craftsmanship and artistic pursuit are then incorporated into the development of the regular collections.

Stani Jan Borowski
Distinctive and at the same time humorous art objects made of glass, wood and metal – these are the hallmarks of Stani Jan Borowski. As a designer and one of the company’s creative minds, he works with his brothers for the Borowski brand.
With a high level of craftsmanship and a wink, he creates colorful unique pieces as well as artistic small series for the collections art objects, studio line and outdoor objects.
In addition, as a freelance artist, he pursues his own designs, which differ significantly from the brand.

Mats Jonasson
Het talent van Mats Jonasson als glaskunstenaar trok al vroeg de aandacht, toen hij in 1959 begon als leerling-graveur bij de glasblazerij van Maleras. In de daaropvolgende decennia werkte hij met veel van de meest gerespecteerde hedendaagse glaskunstenaars in zweden. Gedurende deze periode ontwikkelde hij een natuurlijke stijl die hij sindsdien heeft geperfectioneerd.

Marciej Habrat:
Maciej Habrat was born in Krosno in 1971. His father was a glass blower so maciej had spent hours on observing hard work of creating glass masterpieces since he was a child. His father also showed him sectets of his unique work. Glass has became Maciej’s passion . He started his education at art high school in Miejsce Piastowe in 1986 . After finishing the school, he moved to Wrocaw to study at the most presigious academy of fine arts in Poland, ceramic and glass faculty. During holidays and free time he used to travel to his hometown Krosno to develop his manual skills in glassworks in Krosno. He created the ma thesis-vase in a grall technology under the supervision of professor Zbigniew Horbowy in the glass cathedral in Wrocław.
After graduation he came back to Krosno and started coopertaion with famous glassworks. He also designed glassware for glassworks in Inowrocław.





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