Theme 2019 "In Motion"

Art is the product of creative human expressions. Every definition of art is culture-specific and time-bound. Even within the same culture opinions about art can evolve: new genres arise and other art forms develop, whereby the idea about the function and the character of art changes; it is moving.

Art works often are objects that stand still. An artist can make people and objects alive. Dynamics is a word for movement. A work of art has a lot of dynamics if the work seems to move, even though this does not really happen. Movement is an important element of the composition. A lump of stone, a piece of glass, a few nuts, a simple piece of paper, it can be brought to life, whereby it seems to move.

During the November Art Month an important goal is to compose an exhibition with a large variety of disciplines. Also broad is the diversification of styles. That moves in between the most realistic detail and the total abstraction in various materials and techniques.

Besides the exhibition also other forms of art are essential for the Art Mont. During the podium art evenings, poetry evenings, film evenings and workshops the rhythm of the words, sounds, subject, the images will be in motion.

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