Theme, clue, directive….In my appointment in January 2017 the application for Kunstmaand Ameland 2017 was already closed. Nevertheless, I wanted to hold on to which I could base the selection of this year. That did not have to apply for all participants, but to a large extend.
Because there are many artists that are inspired by nature, it was logical to choose a theme in that direction. Many portray nature, paint landscapes or photograph under water for instance.
Some of them use natural materials, are processing it one way or another. Other recycle objects, which have a second life that way. Also a sort of second nature.
By adding “Second” the selection committee and I gave ourselves some extra leeway. Which deeper layers has the maker hidden in his piece of art? Is it about a larger problem, a personal story or that of someone else?
In short, Second Nature is a nice, broad theme we can work with.

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