Participation Art Month Ameland

Registration for Kunstmaand 2017 is closed, for Kunstmaand 2018 you can sign up till January 15th 2018.

Participation is for everyone who is working as a professional artist en who:

  • Followed an oriented vocational training, or as autodidact had a proven development;
  • Regularly exhibits his/her work;
  • Generates income from his/her work;
  • Can make 10 or more works available, depending the size of the work.

You will be requested to send a portfolio containing:

  • Your CV with a list of expositions;
  • At least 5 pictures of recent work on A4 size with the dimensions;
  • Your address, telephone number(s), email and website;
  • A stamped envelope.

You can also send the documentation by mail to:
Stichting Kunstmaand Ameland
Bureweg 2 9163 KE Nes, Ameland

The documentation will be judged by a selection committee consisting of professional artists. When you are selected to participate at the Kunstmaand Ameland we will contact you.

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