Wouter Stips

Art discipline Schilderijen, Beelden Location Kunstmaand Ameland Website www.wouterstips.nl
Wouter Stips

In the cheerful world of Wouter Stips full of love, poetry, freedom and happiness, you discover - at second glance - a deeper layer with meaningful moments in life. Stips playfully and philosophically paints universal values in a personal visual language with themes such as death, farewell, birth, the mystery of existence.

Wouter's stories on canvas elicit a smile, move you and transport you to the magical era of bygone youth. In an intensive creative process he allows colors, shapes and lines to arise spontaneously and associatively so that he himself is surprised by them. Uninhibited and free, without a preconceived plan, he opens himself to energy that he transfers to the canvas.

He continues to innovate by experimenting and taking risks. His glass sculptures, which come to life in the Italian Murano near Venice (famous for artisanal blown and molded glass), also show a clear development.

Recent paintings show a simplification of the figuration and an emphasis on the layering of a painting. The artist applies paint in many layers, so that the paint skin shows fascinating structures. Forms gradually emerge from this dynamic layered background. After many experiments, layer upon layer, he finds the right tension, the balance between colors and shapes.

This creates balanced compositions.

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