Udo Prinsen

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Udo Prinsen

I am a director and visual artist with a background in traditional drawn animation film. In addition, I have developed myself as a photographer using long exposure techniques and I am strong in concept. I work cross-minded with a focus on nature & culture, science and music. The starting point is always an artistic ambition. A topic, expedition, research or story can be captured in an original concept and fitting distribution process. This can be done, for example, through a short or long “artist residency” that leads to a photo series, film or public performance. This provides you with a broad cultural perspective and sustainable approach to your project. I believe in the power of poetry, a good story and music. When music and image come together in film and design, we break open all the senses. With those sensory powers I want you to feel art, design and science. With that you can create attention, atmosphere and impact. It may be polished, but also raw and ragged. In the contrast lies the beauty that we all recognise. Water and fire, day and night, sun and moon. The works on display are made with photographic slow shutter techniques, in particular solargraphy, solar track photography. A camera obscura or pinhole camera can record one image for a longer period of time, sometimes as long as months or years. As the sun passes, she leaves a trail on the photo paper on the inside of the camera. This negative image is processed in my studio into an impressionistic photo. More than a year’s time can pass between the start of a recording and the publication of an image.

The various recordings were created throughout the Arctic region, often in collaboration with scientists. The work ‘Maartens Hus’ is a recording of the Dutch arctic station in Ny-Ålesund, Spitsbergen. The object ‘Save Our Souls’ consists of nine round photographic images of science stations in the Arctic. The S.O.S. Morse Code visualises a global climate warning that connects scientists and the general public in a common mission.

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