Sini Majuri

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Sini Majuri

In this twisted era of war and uncertainty, artists have a responsibility to capture the nature of time. I believe that art is deeply programmed into human heredity. As a glass artist I see craftsmanship, creating by hand, as an essential part of my art. The great importance of craftsmanship sparks in our primitive instincts.

We originally shaped our safety, construction, innovation and creation with our hands. That is why art has always been deeply connected to humanity. Art opens when it interacts. It is a form of communication that has retained the character of mystery over time. It is a universal language. The language of beauty and spirituality. Even dangerous language. And it must be dangerous, because it always reveals our true essence.

Helsinki-based glass artist SiniMajuri (Master of Arts) has been awarded multiple design awards, such as the Golden A'Design Award from Italy - where she has also been invited as a member of the Grand Jury three times. Her glass sculptures have been featured in more than 70 exhibitions in New York, Tokyo, New Mexico, Toronto, Venice and Hong Kong.

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