Shura Glasmacher ( Project Lost Connections )

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Shura Glasmacher ( Project Lost Connections )

Member of Tu Fu, art sisters who share a love for art, craftsmanship and mother nature.

Visible, tangible and feeling from your soul. During Kunstmaand Ameland I bring the elements together with “Squared” by means of movement, color and energy. Communicating with vibration, the language of feeling deeper, you create your unique blueprint. It is a journey of discovery to the balance in yourself and with the other.

"Squared" is an experience to connect with your subconscious mind. Moving with pastels to music, your body tells without words what may be seen and what now requires attention. To remember who you are in essence and to invite you to fully “be”. From dance I have grown into Soul Reader. As a performance artist I create, inspired by nature and the relationship between the outside world and our inside world. It is my wish to connect you on a soul level. To see yourself, to get moving, to feel and to let go. So that you can experience yourself.

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