Petra Verhees

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Petra Verhees

Petra Verhees, Helden, 1957. Education 1976-1977 Royal Academy of Art and Design 's-Hertogenbosch, 1991-1995 Academy of Visual Arts Maastricht department of monumental design.

Am a nature person. Hiked for months on foot and by bicycle through Europe. The impressions about nature and landscapes gained along the way are a lasting source of inspiration.

The choice to work with glass is an accidental one; I don't call myself a glass artist. I worked with water as the theme for a while and was captivated by the reflection, refraction and transparency. However, it is difficult to shape water. When I studied a piece of broken glass I saw the same refraction, reflection and transparency and even the same color as what I saw in water. From then on I started working with (clear) float glass. When I have the opportunity, I prefer used glass from greenhouse construction. I think recycling is important and to produce a completely new work from waste gives me a lot of satisfaction. The colors that I add to the glass are all of a natural nature and origin: copper, gold, silver, sand and oxides. The technique used is fusing.

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