Mia Fagergren

Art discipline Fotografie Location nog onbekend, volgt later Website www.miafagergren.se
Mia Fagergren

I’m a painter and photographer and use one or the other discipline depending on what I want to express. I only work with photos that I've shot, and I collect them in different folders. Nature, city rooms, objects, people, animals, etc. I look at all my photos as "sketches" until I find a use and context for them. A selection is made depending on how well they work together and fit into the narrative.

I am currently working on a series of photos that is about movement and displacement. The movement can be physically but also mentally, sometimes a movement towards something unknown – ultimately death. But it feels important to me that the viewer can be co-creative in their interpretation, based on their unique experiences.

“The bathers" are included because they are in motion. The feeling is ambiguous. The boys form a circle, they belong together, they are connected and they are brothers. One is lower and deeper into the water. Sometimes they have to break the circle to get to the surface and breathe.

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