Marjan Eggels

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Marjan Eggels
She was fascinated by textiles from an early age, which is why she followed Fashion Design at the Academy of Visual Arts (MAFAD) in Maastricht and Fashion, Design and Strategy at ArtEZ in Arnhem. She is research-oriented. She also develops a fascination for patterns and structures. As a textile artist, she attracts attention with her knitted vases during the presentation 'Masterly' at the Dutch Design Week in 2010. The Italian interior architect Rossana Orlandi and the New York clothing and accessories store 'Anthropologie' were among her customers and form an important stimulus for her career. She has exhibited in groups in various museums.
In 2018 she was inspired by the templates of architect Pierre Cuypers.
During her project, inspired by these templates, she became acquainted with old and new textile techniques, spinning, embroidery, laser cutting and industrial knitting with 'factory yarn'. She has collaborated with various studios, including SparkLab in Den Bosch and the TextielLab in Tilburg. In 2018, Eggels made her first solo exhibition, which was shown in the Cuypershuis in Roermond. As part of the project, in collaboration with the TextielLab, she developed a scarf in different color combinations, in a gift box and which was presented during the Dutch Design Week 2019.
In 2021 it will be 100 years since Pierre Cuypers passed away.

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