Kunstenaars van de toekomst

Art discipline Mixed-media Location Kunstmaand Ameland
Kunstenaars van de toekomst
Bachelor of Theater in Interactive Performance Design
IPD stands for Interactive Performance Design, a training that belongs to HKU Theater. The students in this program focus on creating and researching new (theatrical) possibilities within interactivity and performance. Both technically through advanced techniques and purely analog, so without a plug. The starting point is always the design of a narrative experience combined with a sensory experience. For that purpose, they focus on, among other things, developing performance tools, using techniques related to public behaviour, sound, image and interaction. The work of an IPD person can be seen in the theatre, at festivals, in museums and in public spaces. An IPD person is the visionary of the future!
Six students from this department of the HKU participate in the Ameland Art Month. They make interactive works at various locations, which together form an art route.
Hotel restaurant Cantina Dolores (Cantina Dolores)
Yme Dunenweg 1 Hollum
In addition to students from the HKU, this year we are also offering young students from the Creative Craftsman course of the Friesland College the opportunity to gain experience as exhibitors. Peter Kiewied makes exclusive furniture, giving everyday objects a special look through craftsmanship and attention to detail. As he himself puts it: 'I believe that details can really complete a piece of furniture and give an object more personality. I create these details with broken skateboards Skateboards have been through a lot. Joy because you finally land after a new trick, pain because you fell, your first kickflip, a 10 stair, a complaining neighbor: every skateboard has its own story and that's why I really enjoy using them as material'
The work of Peter Kiewied can be viewed on Instagram @petersselie In November, in hotel/restaurant Dolores in Hollum, he is regularly joined by Tess Joanne Palmans, who follows the same training and works with silver, among other things. In this way we connect our anniversary with the future.

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