Kosta Boda

Art discipline Glas Location Kunstmaand Ameland 2022
Kosta Boda

ELLEN EHK ÅKESSON – glass Ellen Ehk’s lifelong communion with the old-growth forest has taught her to hear a voice that is calling uniquely to her. Her revelations, interpretations and insights of the shadowy virgin fir forests became the utmost inspiration to her work, and she has dedicated her artistic practice to the exploration of organic form. Ehk uses clay and bronze as a medium to connect body and mind, bringing an imagined organic object into the physical world. She is deeply inspired by her surroundings that feed her mind and eventually define the identity of each of the pieces she works on. Her experimental works go through layers of color, blasting and repetitive firing, getting a unique feel by the constant act of doing and touching the material. Distant from utilitarian objects, her work can be perceived as fantasies captured in clay and bronze. Ellen Ehk (born 1976 in Nybro, Sweden) has her studio in the former glass factory Pukeberg in Nybro. She received a Master of Applied Arts in Ceramic Art at the University of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2002. Ehk has made solo presentations at Berg Gallery, Stockholm, Puls Gallery, Brussels, Vida Museum, Öland and others. She has also exhibited at the Side Gallery, Barcelona, Da End Gallery, Paris, the Röhsska Museum, VIDA Museum and Solliden Royal Park in Sweden and galleries in Japan, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, South Korea and Finland. Ehk is represented in private collections in Sweden and abroad, as well as in public collections such as Nationalmuseum, the Shanghai Arts and Craft Museums, Public Art Agency Sweden, the Stockholm and Uppsala County Councils and in several Swedish Municipalities. The ceramicist and artist Ellen EhkÅkesson is the first recipient of the Ulrica Hydman Vallien Foundation's scholarship 2019. Ellen has been given the opportunity to develop her Artistic talent in Glass together with the craftsmen at Kosta Boda.

JOHAN RÖING - sculptor Johan Röing (b. 1958) is first and foremost a sculptor. He works with different materials but preferably with wood and metal. Now he has started to work and experiment in Glass together with the Glass works of Kosta Boda. Röing's simple and raw sculptures depicting people or animals can at first glance resemble works from the 1980s German so-called new wild art (Neuen Wilden). But Röing's approach is much more sensitive. The starting point is often a clear notion, but that is allowed to change during the course of the work. With great skill and respect and even more confidence in his intuition, he has shown his passion in glass. He processes glass with cutting and polishing at Kosta Boda but never loses dialogue with it. Although his art has moved from the figurative to a larger and larger abstraction over the years, Röing's sculptures have kept something archaic and secretive about him. His work is constantly changing. Röing is happy to return to earlier works, where, for example, older sculptures can be reworked and retested. The latest work for Kosta Boda is made for the exhibition of GAS in Småland May 2020. Typical of Röing is also the edged shapes for his sculptures, with Kosta Boda he works with bold colored glass.

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