Hans Oosting

Art discipline Installatie Location Kunstmaand Ameland Website www.hans.oosting.kunstinzicht.nl
Hans Oosting

For Kunstmonth Ameland 2021 Hans Oosting is building an installation titled “Brighten my blues”.

An installation has been made on the floor of the cuttlefish's carapaces. In the summer they wash up on the beach in large numbers. The carapaces are cut into a quadrilateral and colored blue. The work lies on the floor in the shape of an ellipse. The work evokes associations with the earth and its oceans. The work is robust and at the same time light and vulnerable.

Paintings that match the installation hang on the walls of the room. The paintings are not only made with paint but also with sand and glue, creating an unexpected depth and shadow effect. The wave movements and stratification of the sea, beach and mudflats are the inspiration.

And the meaning of the work? Don't expect the artist to explain the work. Understand the work, get your own associations, feelings and ideas and then start a conversation. If this work yields that, that would be the best!

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