Gea Zwart

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Gea Zwart

STUDIO GEA ZWART stands for ART and ART ASSIGNMENTS. Since 1992 Gea has been a professional artist with her studio in Amsterdam. Her mission is to touch and move people: art creates imagination and change.

'My work is about change and how we deal with it. Change By Art is my motto. The River of Life is the source I draw from. I use nature as a metaphor and translate emotions into layered, abstract and colorful works of art. My work is characterized by adventure. Actually, all my art is a controlled experiment. It consists of paintings on canvas and reliefs from recycled plexiglass. I use waste from companies and transform it into sustainable art. Art connects, with yourself and with others. It is a source of joy and a source of comfort. A way to order chaos and create new ones. It acts as a mirror and a vanishing point. It is an interlocutor. My form of imagining and showing how beautiful the world is'.

AWARDS. Received several recognitions for her work. A.o. voted no.21 in the top 100 of the national election 'Artist of the year 2020'

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