Ellis Schoonhoven ( Project Lost Connections )

Art discipline Projecten, Textiel, Installatie Location nog onbekend, volgt later Website www.denieuwecreatieven.com
Ellis Schoonhoven ( Project Lost Connections )

Member of Tu Fu, art sisters sharing love for art, craftsmanship and mother nature

We have lost connection with ourselves, with nature, with the essence of our existence. Lost Connections is a story of hope, of faith, of the power of connecting female energy. Our emotions are veiled. Are you living your true identity or are you wearing a veil? The veil as a metaphor for the barrier between the physical and spiritual world. Lace originates from threads - threads of life - that become a strong and delicate fabric through connection.

These contrasts are a symbol of life itself, just like darkness and light. They are both the same energy. Lost Connections is an urgent quest for awakening. May we restore the feminine power and abundance in all our relations, on a personal, tribaland collective level: Human, Animal, Plant.

Renaissance 2020, Mother Earth is calling.

The female energy is the earth from which all things are born. It’s time to re-connect.

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