Daan Fikkert

Art discipline Mixed-media Location nog onbekend, volgt later Website www.daanfikkert.com
Daan Fikkert

"The more I take away, the more I seem to see." In my work I use atlases. As a child I looked fascinated at all places where people also lived. Besides the nostalgic character of the atlases that I like to use, the atlas has other interesting aspects. It is an objective summary of the world that I like to use. The statements I make stem from dissatisfaction with how we interact with the world.

By using transformation, the working method (precision and patience) and repetition, as an artist I ensure that I distance myself from my work to a certain extent. Something I consider important, because it is not my wish to put a pedantic finger in the air, but rather show a result of action, as nature shows man's action gradually. The confrontational reality unfolds.

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