Conny van Rijn ( Project Lost Connections )

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Conny van  Rijn ( Project Lost Connections )

Conny van Rijn, member of Tu Fu art sisters sharing love for art, craftsmanship and mother nature

Imagine using photography and drawing, among other things

Looking around the world, my gaze catches my eye, I see. I intuitively decide to photograph. Only later, and sometimes very much later, do I know why I fell for the statue, why I saw it. It touched something, it awakened something in me. I often want to make the evoked tangible and I am invited to add a layer. I respond to this call in different ways with varying materials such as plexiglass, tree leaf and tree bark or gel textures. Sometimes drawing, other times soldering or embroidering. My series 'See me, feel me' consists of original, unedited photos, but also edited copies that I during Kunstmaand Ameland. Maybe my images also touch something in you, without you knowing my story. You can touch the edited image…. Close your eyes, touch.

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